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Quality & Style

Samas Cases is a company that manufactures bags for the safekeeping and transport of articles and accessories needed by anyone dealing with cinema, television and photography.

Having experienced excellent cooperation and achievements with major brands in the industry, Samas Cases today designs and creates increasingly innovative products through original models, suitable for anykind of demand or need.

Samas Cases guarantees a high protection quality, impermeability and elegance of all products. The protection and the impermeability are guaranteed by the use of certified cordura 1000 (waterproof, anti-tear, washable and fireproof) and by the fasteners equipped with waterproof zippers. Elegance is ensured by quality finishes with leather and velvet fabrics.

Finally, a light, agile and compact design of the product also ensures easy and comfortable transport. All products are resistant to impact, temperature variations, dust and weather. The entire production and processing of the product is certified Made in Italy.

All our items have a 24 month warranty.

Requests for tailored and customized products are also welcome. Please contact us and we will try to fulfill your wishes!

Special bag - Samas Cases

The manufacturing process

Samas Cases wants to share the process of handcrafting bags with its customers to provide greater awareness of the purchase.

Each bag is made of ultra abrasion resistant Cordura® Nylon (1000 denier) for long-lasting reliability in difficult field conditions.
The bag is designed and produced exclusively in an artisanal way at the laboratory located in Rome after a detailed study of the needs it serves.

The cut of the materials, the hand-stitching of the fabrics and finally the assembly of the product with the application of any customizations.
In fact, the exclusively artisan production of all the products makes it possible to customize them, including the embroidery of company logos.

Each bag has a rigid frame padded with high quality and resistance plastic material to provide even greater protection against impacts and to ensure a stable seal.